The RV Ninja's RV Tour - Full Time RV Family - Dustin Rocho and Hope Rocho

RV Tour of The RV Ninja’s Full Time RV

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✔️About this RV Tour Episode:

Join us while Dustin, a six-time American Ninja Warrior, gives us an RV tour of their full time RV.

2009 Keystone Montana 332PHT

Dustin and his wife, Hope, sold their home in Las Vegas, bought a camper, and are now Full Time RVing around the country!

They own a 2009 Keystone Montana 332PHT fifth wheel where they live with their four children.

We met Dustin and Hope at the Okeechobee KOA while we were there for the winter. We really enjoyed our time hanging out with them.

For us, the thing we love the most about full time RVing are the amazing families you get to meet.

Full Time RV Families
Three Full Time RV Families become great friends

At the time of filming this RV Tour, Dustin and Hope are in the process of writing a book and a few other things. Details are under wraps, as soon as they launch we’ll update the description on YouTube and our website!

Additional Details

?Feel free to ask any questions below, we’re happy to provide any insight into RV living full time, our RV Tours, our setup, camper, family routines with kids, etc.

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Full Transcript

Carl: What’s up guys this is Carl with Adventures You Dream and today we’re going to go to do an RV Tour with my buddy Dustin and he probably looks familiar to ya if you are a fan of American Ninja Warrior because he’s on there, I think, three seasons. Let’s go check him out. Hey man, how you doing?

Dustin: Good.

Carl: So this is my buddy, Dustin. Probably recognize him from American Ninja Warrior. You were on the show a couple of times weren’t ya?

Dustin: Yeah, about six seasons, we’ve had our fair share of red buzzers. 

Carl: I thought it was three seasons; wow. So what made you guys get into full time RVing?

Dustin: We wanted that freedom to travel the country with the four kids and just hit it up so we needed a rig to do that and had a couple difficulties getting it because nobody knew which one they wanted. There are so many different shapes, colors, sizes.

Carl: That’s one reason why I decided to do these videos because there’s not a whole lot on the internet other than families showing their rig. So I wanted to give the viewers a chance to view other rigs so they can get a better idea of how other full time RV families are doing it on the road. So why did you guys pick this rig?

Dustin: Our first thing overall was budget. We try to live below budget. So we wanted to get a rig that we could afford to go an tour the country with so that was our number one. Then it broke down to two things. That was going to be the bunkhouse for the kids, number one because we have the four kids in the back and then washer dryer hook-up. Because again if we’re going full time every day we got the laundry all the time.

Carl: So with this rig, did you guys do any modifications to it at all to suit your guys’ needs?

Dustin: Yeah, we did two of them and it pertained to both of those. So in the back, we had three beds and a couch so we took the couch out. My father-in-law helped me build a bed and then we put four pull-out drawers under there which are like 32 by 32 real deep and that’s basically their closet. In the front, washer dryer. It’s nice to get a new rig for yourself and cut a 4-inch hole in the side so you can vent that thing. So it was a little pressure but we got it.

Carl: It’s scary, isn’t it?

Dustin: The family room and the kitchen has your normal kitchen sink, small refrigerator and freezer but a family of six can make that work if you kind of program and plan for that. We do have the dinette set and that couch that’s a pull-out. We just use that for more fun if there is a movie night or something like that. Going back to the bunkhouse, let’s take a look at that. We have those four bunks and that pull out drawer that is 32 by 32 it’s great storage, we love that. Let’s head to the front of the camper. So over at the front we have the normal stairs, we have the bathroom with the corner unit for the shower and then we have that washer dryer. That’s running probably about one to two loads every day.

Carl: Wow that’s nuts and that’s a full queen sized bed in there?

Dustin: A full queen sized bed, we couldn’t fit the king in there. Some units have that, check it out, we don’t.

Carl: We don’t either. Cool. Thank you so much for inviting us into your rig, showing us around. How can people find you on the internet or do you have anything going on that you guys are working on?

Dustin: Yeah, we are working on a few things. Maybe going through there with the book and some different website stuff. We’re always about ninja so it’s probably gonna be about fitness and nutrition because that’s how we roll.

Carl: Check out the links below, I’ll update those as I get them from these guys so that way you can check their whatever out that they’re going to be launching and I’ll put it on the blog post too so that way it’s there as well. Thanks again guys, I really appreciate you lettings us check it out. Hey guys, I hope enjoyed this video, if you did please smash that subscribe button and give us a little thumbs up and if you want to be notified by YouTube of our next videos that we publish please hit that little bell icon and they will notify you. Until next time, see you soon.

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