Should I buy a fifth wheel or travel trailer?

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Fifth wheel versus a travel trailer

When we were first looking at what type of trailer to buy, we went back and forth on what was best for us. What helped was speaking to other full-time families and just looking at MANY travel trailers and fifth wheels. After doing that and making a check-list of our must-haves, what we wanted became more clear.

Our must-have boxes included:

  • Enough closet space for three adults and two kids
  • Storage for outdoor furniture, bikes, warm and cold weather clothes, and basic tools
  • Full size or BIG refrigerator
  • Multiple Counter-tops with an island
  • Bunkhouse or separate room for kids to sleep
  • Space between the end of bed and wall (we are tall and let our feet hang off the edges)
  • Two Air conditioners
  • Washer and Dryer, or just hookups for possibility

Our ideal wants but did not absolutely need:

  • A bathroom for grandma
  • A layout that allowed for the refrigerator to open while slides are pulled in
  • Double slide out in bunkhouse
  • Under 37 feet (to get into most national parks)
  • An outdoor kitchen
  • Large grey, black, and water holding tanks to be able to stay off the grid

What we caved on?

The few areas that we decided to give up on where length (our rig is 41′ 11”), an outdoor kitchen, and our refrigerator does not open if the slides are pulled in. We ended up with all of our must-haves!

After all our searching, we ended up choosing the 2017 376 FBH Mesa Ridge.

Why we ultimately chose a fifth Wheel

We found that we lost a lot of storage when buying a travel trailer. We have also heard that towability, despite adding sway bars, can still be a little nerve-racking with a travel trailer. Since we were planning on traveling all over the country, we wanted something that was on the easier end to tow.

If you’re wondering what to look for when buying your first RV, click this link, A few tips to make sure your first RV is not catastrophically costly!

Want to get a tour and some more information on why we chose this rig? Watch our video below! If you’d like to get more helpful information for the future and follow our adventures, click the “subscribe” button on YouTube!

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