RV Roadside Assistance

Our Trusted Roadside Assistance Partners

When traveling full-time on the road you want peace of mind and affordability. That’s why choosing Good Sam Roadside Assistance to cover us was a no-brainer. Recommended by us and other full-time RVers, Good Sam Roadside Assistance covers your vehicles while offering a host of other services.

Why We Recommend Them

We have many reasons why we recommend Good Sam Roadside Assistance, but to summarise:

1) Value for money with the cover you need
Good Sam Roadside Assistance provides coverage for what’s important for RVers. They cover your Recreational Vehicles and Non-Recreational Vehicle under one plan.

2) Your Family Is Covered, Too
Everyone in your family, including your spouse, domestic partner and dependent children under 25, are automatically included in your plan at no additional cost.

3) Huge Coverage Area
Coverage in all of North America, including in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

4) Towing for All Vehicles
Good Sam Roadside Assistance will pay 100% of the towing fees to the nearest service center-no matter if it’s 5 or 500 miles away. No pre-set mileage restrictions or dollar limits.

5) Additional Roadside Services
Good Sam Roadside Assistance includes Tire Services, Battery Services, Fuel Services, Lost Key and Lock Out Assistance, and Trip Interruption Assistance.

6) Commitment to exceptional customer service
They want to get you back on the road quickly. If you have any questions about your roadside assistance or your coverage in general, you can reach them anytime!