Petting Kangaroos in Kentucky

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Entrance to Mammoth Onyx Cave at Kentucky Down Under
Entrance to Mammoth Onyx Cave at Kentucky Down Under

We stopped off in Cave City, Kentucky for a couple nights. Our plan was to visit the Mammoth Cave National Park. Our friends, the Russells, told us about the caves and we thought it’d be fun for the whole family to join them. Unfortunately, when we called to purchase tickets they were sold out of passes for children.

We had been driving for nearly 10 hours on our big push to get to Florida and wanted to find something to do that was fun for the kids. So Holly, doing what she’s good at found us an awesome place! She said, “I found us a petting zoo with caves! The kids will love it”. Kentucky Down Under Adventure Zoo was only a short drive from our RV park, the reviews were awesome so we decided to check them out.

When you pull into the Zoo you walk into a small building which doubles as the gift shop.

They have golf carts available for rent, which is highly recommended if you have mobility issues. Because as soon as you walk into the park, you’re met with a paved hill to climb.

If you’re coming during the colder season, there is a small building half-way up the hill where they house a lot of the birds and turtles. It can easily be missed, so be sure to check it out.

Once you reach the top of the hill it’s not bad, although there is a lot of walking so the golf carts can come in handy. 

This Owl is blind but she sure is beautiful.

As you head down the path towards the animals, you pass the entrance to Mammoth Onyx Cave. Off in the distance, you smell wood being smoked and beyond that you start to see animal enclosures. They have wolves and other animals, the enclosures for all the birds. There were some birds out, an owl that we were told is blind and a vulture that was eating fresh chicken. 

As you continue down the trail, you’ll see a cage of meerkats. Where they make funny faces and jump and climb around.

Across from the Meerkats is an enclosure where you can enter and you can feed birds. They’ll fly around and eat out straight out of your hands. 

Amelia feeding two birds

The birds are a lot of fun. They fly out of nowhere and land on your shoulders. They’ll pull on your clothes with their beaks to pull themselves up. It’s pretty funny watching peoples reactions. 

When you leave the bird enclosure, you can head over to a petting zoo area with Goats. 

Next is probably the most exciting part of Kentucky Down Under Adventure Zoo where you can get up close and personal with Kangaroos. 

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  1. Robert Woods says:

    Great read! Thank you for the post and the pictures. We’ll defiantly be checking this place out in the near future.

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