Full Time RV Family

Full Time Family RV Tour

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✔️About this RV Tour Episode:

Join our full time RV family tour of our 41’ fifth wheel.

We sold our 3,300 sqft house, all of our belongings, and moved into a 430 sqft fifth-wheel.

We’re a full time RV family with a husband and wife, 2 kids under 3 years old, and Grandma.

In this video, we walk through the 2017 Mesa Ridge MF376FBH. We talk about how a family of 5 lives full time in an RV, why we decided to choose this floorplan over the other campers that we’ve looked at, and where we store stuff in our camper.

Our 2017 Mesa Ridge MF376FBH Fifth Wheel Full Time RV
2017 Mesa Ridge MF376FBH

?Feel free to ask any questions below, we’re happy to provide any insight into RV living full time, our setup, camper, family routines with kids, etc.

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