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Hey There! We’re Carl and Holly VanderLaan. We’re a full-time RVing family and travel bloggers. We sold our house, two cars, all to make memories as a family!

Welcome to our travel blog! This is where we share our travel experiences, RVing tips, fun videos, local hotspots, and more.

It’s a place for daily inspiration and motivation for young families that full-time travel with kids is obtainable and memorable.

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Holly and Carl at The Original Tiki Bar
Holly and Carl at The Original Tiki Bar

Why we travel full-time?

Before we started traveling full-time, Holly and I were your stereo typical American family. We both worked, owned a house with a mortgage, two cars, and a ton of stuff to fill the house.

We were both happy, although we felt like there had to be something more to life. More than going to work everyday, paying our mortgage, and watching our kids slowly get older.

Duke, Amelia, and Carl at Blowing Rocks Preserve
Duke, Amelia, and Carl at Blowing Rocks Preserve

We always told ourselves that we never want our kids to be the excuse for why we didn’t do things.

Before we had kids, Holly and I travelled quite a bit. We went on cruises, travelled to different states, flew to different countries. Once the kids came, our traveling slowed down; a lot! Sure, we went to Florida a few times and to Great Wolf Lodge every few months. Although, it was nothing like we use to do.  

One day, while at a friend’s house, I approached Holly and told her that I have a really crazy idea… I told her, “I’m not looking for you to make a decision right now, just have an open-mind and a listening ear. What if we sold our house, everything in it, bought a travel trailer, and travel the country?”

Her response, “Hell no.”

Turns out, she did keep an open-mind. After a lot of conversations about the what-ifs we decided that we were going to move forward with this crazy idea. We picked a date that we’d put the house on the market. 

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